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Jan, 2013
Listen to 88.9 KNPR Nevada Public Radio Interview with Dr. Barbara Moskal on How to Improve STEM Education:

The national push for more education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics began a few years ago. In 2007, Nevada ranked low in the number of science and engineering degrees that were awarded. What has changed since then? And what is the state doing to encourage more students to enroll in university programs in technology and science?

Dec, 2011
5280 Magazine:
Game Changers

Jörg Drewes, professor of civil and enviornmental engineering at Colorado School or Mines, is a catalyst for transformational work through his work with ReNUWIt.

Nov, 2011
Texas Tech University - Office of the Provost:
2011 Texas Tech Integrated Scholar Jerry Dwyer

Associate professor Jerry Dwyer, from the College of Arts & at Texas Techs, talks about his research in computer simulations.

Nov, 2011
US News & World Report:
Urban Water Infrastructure by Marlene Cimons

ReNUWIt "aims to design new water systems that will not only meet water needs, but consume fewer resources and improve the quality of aquatic ecosystems."

Nov, 2011
The Denver Post:
Colorado second-graders see how high their pumpkins will fly by Colleen O’Connor

The Adams50 students in their pumpkin classroom activities(from website)

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